Once he sends you his first letter with his address…. Send him letters all the time! I’m in the marines and while in bootcamp there was about a weeks delay when it came to receiving letters its military postal it SUCKS!! But when it comes time in the evenings it’s the best thing in the world to get a letter from somebody. Bootcamp is hard for some and easier for others, but being able to just escape even for a bit in somebody’s words its complete bliss. If everything goes well it will only be 3 short months that will fly by for him and letters will make it go that much quicker.

If you or him got questions about it all don’t be afraid to ask.

Yeah that was over a year ago. Things didn’t go anywhere with him and he didn’t even end up going. He was kind of an asshole so I’m fine with it. I have a guy now and we’ve been doing great for about a year now.